Who We Are has awarded hard cash loans to 1,000+ borrowers in the last 20 years!

Martin I. Price, CEO of, has arranged for or awarded hard cash loans to over 1,000 borrowers in the past 20 years! The borrowers, mostly Florida residents, borrowed the funds for the purpose of either acquiring Florida real estate, or a hard money personal loan, or a hard money rehab loan or a hard money commercial loan or a hard money construction loan. Mr. Price, a 40 year resident of South Florida, was formerly President of, The Realty Connexion,, First American Land Corporation and Over 95% of the borrowers were not required to undergo a credit check nor provide tax returns nor a financial statement! Mr. Price’s executive, legal staff and consultants (including appraisers, building contractors and real estate practitioners) are always available to you with their assistance and advice.

What is Hard Money?

A hard money loan is one that is backed by the value of a physical asset, such as a car or home. The collateral for the loan means that this hard money loan has a more reliable value than an unsecured loan. Private Lenders (both individual lenders and loan companies) most often issue a hard money, loan as lenders of last resort, when banks say no, take too long to approve a loan or require too much documentation or red tape!

Our definition of “Hard Money” is  “funds available from private Lenders to those Borrowers who are in need of quick cash without the necessity of providing tax returns, proof of income or having an excellent credit rating!”

Private money lenders for residential real estate or commercial real estate provide hard money financing for rehab loans, “fix and flip” loans, hard money commercial loans based strictly or primarily on the appraised value of the current asset or the real estate’s future value after the rehab!  That is why there is little or no interest in the Borrower’s financial condition or FICO score.  Unlike with a bank, which bases much of its lending criteria on the credit worthiness  of the Borrower!  In other words, private, asset-based hard money lenders are in the business of lending funds to builders, rehabbers, lenders and entrepreneurs of all kinds!   They are constantly seeking the appropriate Borrowers to fund with a hard money mortgage for real estate loans, commercial loans and/or private loans.  Our matching system facilitates the lending process by finding the right Borrowers for the Lenders and the right Lenders for the Borrowers!  Usually, such hard money loans are made without any pre-payment penalty and usually only interest payments are required until loan maturity. Private asset, hard money Lending is the place to go when banks say “no”.   Hard money lenders are experienced with the requirements and procedures for funding real estate loans, gap loans, bridge loans, private loans, business loans, rehab loans and loans to “fixer-uppers”.   

State of Florida

Where is our Territory?

Our territory is strictly limited to Florida.  Primarily South Florida (Martin, Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach & Collier Counties).  Occasionally, for Borrowers elsewhere in Florida, there may be additional costs for appraisals and inspections.  Florida is the only state in which we continue to operate because of our intimate knowledge and experience in Florida.  We have completed over 1,000 asset-based, hard money loans in Florida over the past 20 years.  

Why Are We Different?

You do not need to apply for or negotiate a loan with several on-line, asset based lenders, commercial private money lenders, residential rehab hard money lenders or private money lenders.   We will do that for you and present you with the best offer for your needs!   Other hard money lenders, such as business loan lenders and hard money lenders for flipping houses may offer you a “take-it-or-leave-it” proposition.  That is not the way we operate.  We will locate and help you negotiate a funding agreement, from among the best lending offers, designed to fit your needs! We will participate, as well, in the negotiations on your behalf so that we can help you arrange a mutually acceptable loan agreement and funding!  After all, the only good arrangement is when both parties, the Lender and the Borrower have achieved their goals.  The Lender provides hard money funding to the appropriate Borrower who willingly pays the costs and interest charge because it is clearly in his/her financial interest to do so!

What We Do

How It Works

WE MATCH BORROWERS WITH THE BEST HARD MONEY LENDERS FOR THEIR NEEDS. matches and connects the requests of the best Hard Money Lenders, private money lenders and asset based lenders who are looking to invest funds with borrowers currently seeking hard money loans, Gap or Bridge Funds, Construction Loans, Remodeling Loans, “Fix & Flip” Loans, Debt Restructuring, Land Loans, or for any other legitimate purpose. The Loan amount(s) available, interest rate sought, term and purpose of loan are all entered into our secure database and the search for matching Borrowers’ requests commences.

Our Process

As soon as one or more such matches (or near matches) occurs, the parties are notified and we attempt to arrange a mutually acceptable funding agreement!

Our Process

The Borrower

Borrowers are assured that they are being matched with qualified Lenders and have confidence that the Lender is looking specifically for the type of loan being sought!  This arrangement saves valuable time of the Borrowers, as they do not have to call and interview (and make applications with) multiple lenders in order to find the hard money lender that is willing to lend on terms and conditions acceptable to the Borrower!

The Borrower

The Lender

Likewise for the Lender who saves valuable time and expense looking for the Borrower who fits the Lender’s requirements for hard money business loans, hard money construction loans or private money loans with regard to the terms and conditions required by the Lender!

The Lender
Get funded quickly

When Do We Fund?

It takes 7 to 10 days to complete inspections, receive title work and prepare documents.  After that, as hard money lenders, we are usually ready to fund hard money loans immediately.


What Our Clients Say

You will leave having the same feeling as our valued clients. We guarantee it. (including its subsidiary companies, The Realty Connexion Corp, and Investment Corporation of the Virginias) are hard money lenders who have made hard cash loans totaling millions of dollars to over 1,000 borrowers over the past several decades!  Scores of these borrowers have shown their appreciation in writing.  Here are just a few of the representative notes we have received over the years:

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